About Me

I recently graduated from the University of Bath with an Accounting & Finance degree
and am currently working for a strategy consultancy firm in Oxford. I was born in
Oxford and grew up there with my parents, aunt and two brothers (27 & 15). I’ve been
told that even as a child I always had far too much energy and was running around
causing mischief almost before I could walk.

I started putting the energy to use by playing football for my local club and school, before adding martial arts, rugby and squash to my regular hobbies. However I only really started running regularly when I started a paper round – and my happiness in running 7 days a week with a heavy bag, and in all weather conditions, gave a clue as to my lack of common sense!

These days I run the 10 mile round trip to and from university, carrying books, notes, a change of clothes and a towel in my rucksack, supplemented by some more challenging hill or long distance runs. I also try to keep fit by playing football several times a week (or day in some cases) as well as continuing to practice martial arts.

Having benefited from them for so long I’ve also tried to give something back and have greatly enjoyed coaching boys’ and girls’ football and instructing martial arts for several years.

I’m a little bit uncomfortable talking about myself but I’ve been described as quite pragmatic and determined but never one to take myself too seriously (as any one of a number of fancy dress themes or a couple of summers of shameless karaoke while working in a language school will prove) and it has been rumoured occasionally I might even be “fun”!

People also often remark that I’m one of the most ridiculously positive and optimistic
people around which I imagine will be put to the test as I work my way through the