I’d like to thank the following people for their support with the fundraising effort:

Mr T

The Saturdays

“Wow, you must be incredibly fit!  What you’re doing is absolutely incredible and we are supporting you all the way & hope you raise lots of money!  Its so nice of you to do this and we genuinely don’t know how you manged to run all that way – amazing!  Wishing you all the very best of luck with the rest of your challenges!”

Pixie Lott

“I think its a wonderful thing that you’re doing and I hope it all goes fantastically well”

Geoff Thomas

“Good Luck with your run from London to Paris Kaveh. I am right behind your fight against cancer and admire your determination to do something to battle this terrible illness. Everybody at the Geoff Thomas Foundation wishes you well.”

Leanne Grose

“This is such a fantastic and inspirational thing that you’re doing – wishing you all the very best & keep it up!”

Jonathon Edwards

“What you’ve accomplished is quite incredible – for most people running one marathon is challenge enough, never mind running one every day for two weeks.  Good luck with the rest of  your challenge!”

Gemma Atkinson

“Good luck with all your running! I think what you’re doing is amazing and I’m behind you 100%.”

Danny Grewcock, (Bath & England Rugby)

“The thought of running one marathon makes me physically sick, to run that distance for 16 days is just inconceivable. Wishing you all the very best of luck with your run and fundraising for this great cause.”

Liz Yelling (Olympic marathon runner & Commonwealth Games medal winner)

“I met you at the Golden Bond weekend, and you seemed a very modest guy. Now I understand form your story where your motivation and drive come from. It is great seeing you put all that energy into something to help others and I really admire you for that. You are undertaking a huge challenge, but I can see that you have the right mindset and commitment to your training and I have no doubt you can achieve this awesome feat! Good luck and best wishes.”

Kylie Minogue

“Thank you for your amazing charitable endeavours. Good luck!”

Phoebe Thomas

“This sounds crazy but hope all goes well and wishing you the very best of luck”

Georgie Thompson & Superchicks

“What you’re doing is fantastic and inspirational, we wish you all the best!”

Ana Ivanović

“This is certainly a most worthy cause, and an admirable activity in which you are taking part. Best of luck!”

Nell McAndrew

“Wow, what an amazing challenge! I wish you well on your journey. Well done for all your efforts in supporting Cancer Research UK!”

University of Bath Students’ Union

“Congratulations so far! Keep up the fantastic efforts. You are an inspiration. Good luck from your Students’ Union – we are all behind you!”

Nick Bitel, (Chief Executive of the London Marathon )

“You must be mad! Wishing you the very best of luck with this splendid idea!”

Hawkwell House

“Good luck Kaveh – rather you than me!”


“Richard and Paul at Balloontastic Ltd would like to wish all those taking part in this amazing challenge the very best of luck. WELL DONE and BEST WISHES !! ”

The Trophy Room

“Wishing you the very best of luck with your challenge – a very good cause!”

ClassicTiger Kung Fu Association

“Kaveh, wishing you all the very best with this – it’s a cause very close to many of our hearts”

Taekwondo Council Great Britain

“Such an inspirational project– if just a little crazy, still if there’s anyone determined, positive and stubborn enough it is you! Hope all goes well!”

Grandmaster Sikung Lowe

“Good luck with your extremely commendable efforts”

Senior Master Richard Williams

“It is my hope that noble efforts like this can raise money, and awareness of such virulent diseases”